Saint Too

Sear Rogers International School

15 Tong Yam Street,
Tai Hang Tung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

+852  2547 5479

The Aims of the Curriculum
Our curriculum seeks to give students opportunities to:
    • foster a life-long love of learning
    • create healthy individuals with the ability to communicate the right type of attitudes, understanding and skills necessary to play an active and positive part in their local communities as well as in a global context
    • think critically, act rationally, & to find balance in expressing that in all spheres of life
    • apply understanding and problem solving skills in their academic work and in their day to day life experience
    • develop personal values that equip them to become socially and culturally literate citizens who care about people, rich and varied ways of life, and the environment in the context of the challenges we face in the 21st century
    • work creatively, both independently and with others
  Curriculum Practice
The quality of learning activities must reflect these aims. We look to:
  • provide experiences which promote active and purposeful learning;
  • enable understanding and skills to be applied to issues, problems and practical tasks;
  • raise students’ expectations, encourage participation and increase self-awareness and self-confidence and independence;
  • allow individual students to progress at a pace which provides both challenge and support;
  • give opportunities for students to work together, be well managed and supported by appropriate resources;
  • encourage students to see their own personal development and transformation as a normal and expected part of everyday life
  • provide a ‘whole-care’ learning environment where dedicated teachers share the learning process as part of a positive relationship based on making progress.